It is widely said that ‘All good things come to an end’ and so is the case with this Mentorship Program . It was the final week of Women Who Code Mentorship Program 3.0.

The agenda for this week was to improve our online presence by strong professional profiles. I had talk with my mentor Sanchi about it and during the meet, she reviewed the updates we made to our LinkedIn Profile.

She talked about how networking plays a very important role while seeking jobs, and how we can grow our network on LinkedIn not only by sending connection requests…

After an exciting third week of the WWC Mentorship Program 2.0, followed an eventful fourth week. Week 4 focused on the various field of interest we could follow.

There was a lot to do in week 4. Discussion this time basically was around practicing questions as well as building a project for a strong resume.

I had meeting with my mentor, and we discussed about how I should practice variety of questions for each and every important topic in data structure and algorithm and how to sum up all those before a month or two of interviews.

Moreover I set…

The third week of the Mentorship Program focused mainly on Scholarships.

There are many scholarships available for Engineering students and primarily for girls as well: Anita Borg Scholarship, Google WTM Scholarship, WeTech Scholarship, also scholarships for conferences . You can easily get all the important details regarding the eligibility criteria and application period for these. Some key pointers on what to keep in mind when you’re drafting an application or a statement of purpose for any program or scholarship. These really helped me when drafting my application for the WeTech as well.

  1. Use the word limit wisely and fully, and…

After a challenging first week , finally the time to make the second call with my mentor came . I was eager to share my progress with her . I wanted to know the suggestions my mentor has to offer on my completed tasks. We had a one-on-one discussion scheduled this time.

Week 2 is completely packed with Internships and Placement Opportunities and also regarding modifications in project section of resume as well as discussion about building strong profile on any one of the platform like leetcode, hackerrank, codechef, etc.

Therefore, this conversation was about the importance of updating the…

It all started with an eagerly awaited email from the Women Who Code Delhi team on the 27th of January. I was selected to be part of the Women Who Code Mentorship Program 3.0. I was really excited to join this community as a mentee.

The Women Who Code Mentorship Program 3.0 is a 5 weeks long program which aims to connect the mentees with women leaders in technology to inspire them to grow, guide them to develop professionally and expand their network in the field of tech.

Aditi Gupta

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