Women Who Code Mentorship Program 3.0: Week 5

Aditi Gupta
2 min readMar 15, 2021

It is widely said that ‘All good things come to an end’ and so is the case with this Mentorship Program . It was the final week of Women Who Code Mentorship Program 3.0.

The agenda for this week was to improve our online presence by strong professional profiles. I had talk with my mentor Sanchi about it and during the meet, she reviewed the updates we made to our LinkedIn Profile.

She talked about how networking plays a very important role while seeking jobs, and how we can grow our network on LinkedIn not only by sending connection requests but by posting relevant about our fields and learnings on daily basis. We discussed about companies like how Facebook London can recruit you through these profiles. And of course she asked me to consistently solve coding questions as that’s the only key to improve our DSA skills.

This incredible mentorship program turned out to be fruitful for me as it helped me to connect with such amazing community of strong intelligent women in the field of technology and be a part of this talented community . I was able to get that push I needed to speed up my journey in tech field .Thank you Women Who Code for such amazing experience !!