Women Who Code Mentorship Program 3.0: Week 3

The third week of the Mentorship Program focused mainly on Scholarships.

There are many scholarships available for Engineering students and primarily for girls as well: Anita Borg Scholarship, Google WTM Scholarship, WeTech Scholarship, also scholarships for conferences . You can easily get all the important details regarding the eligibility criteria and application period for these. Some key pointers on what to keep in mind when you’re drafting an application or a statement of purpose for any program or scholarship. These really helped me when drafting my application for the WeTech as well.

  1. Use the word limit wisely and fully, and avoid writing generic answers.

Lastly, APPLY APPLY APPLY! You must keep applying to all the opportunities that come your way, be it scholarships or other programs. Even if you think you don’t stand a chance, apply. It is only when you keep applying that you realize how to write better answers. Believe me, whether you get selected or not it will only benefit you at the last :)



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