Women Who Code Mentorship Program 3.0: Week 2

Aditi Gupta
2 min readFeb 14, 2021


After a challenging first week , finally the time to make the second call with my mentor came . I was eager to share my progress with her . I wanted to know the suggestions my mentor has to offer on my completed tasks. We had a one-on-one discussion scheduled this time.

Week 2 is completely packed with Internships and Placement Opportunities and also regarding modifications in project section of resume as well as discussion about building strong profile on any one of the platform like leetcode, hackerrank, codechef, etc.

Therefore, this conversation was about the importance of updating the social media profiles and follow relevant people in order to be noticeable and aware about the whereabouts of the tech field around us . Completing the assigned tasks successfully feels like winning mini battles , preparing me for the final placement battle.

Moreover, my mentor then told me about Data structure and algorithms are very important for getting a placement as it helps one to solve programming related problems. Apart from that, some companies asked about Operating Systems, DBMS, and OOPS.

“ Little by little, a little becomes a lot! ”